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Sunday, 8 May 2011

The Write Time (POEM)

The Write Time

Time to do some work!

After filing those papers first.
Look at that stack of books, untidy and askew.
Where’s my pen? It’s not in its place.
What do you mean, “But you’re using a computer”?

The drive needs a sweep. The car hasn’t sparkled in weeks.
This room is dusty. The bathroom needs a thorough clean.
What’s for dinner? Something simple, to take up less time.
The dishes need doing from breakfast…

Haven’t spoken to my brother in a while.
Or James; wonder how he’s getting on?
That e-mail needs composing.
Need to send one to Louise as well.

Didn’t something else need sorting?
Should have gone to the shop this morning.
Ought to jot down a to-do list.
Put on some background music too.

Writing is not an indulgence.
It’s a passion, a burning desire!
Unleash inspiration upon this keyboard!
Though things still need to be ‘just so’.

That programme is on now.
Oh when will I ever learn?
Nearly time for bed.
I’ll start some work tomorrow.


  1. so true... so true... [shakes head in knowing despair]

  2. I'm glad it strikes a chord! As I put on Twitter, an alternative name for this poem would have been 'How My Mind Works'.