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Monday, 4 November 2013

A Fresh New Look

The time to start things anew and make a fresh start is usually the New Year. Two  months is a long time to wait though (even if 2014 will probably arrive in the metaphorical blink of an eye), and there's no time like the present of course, so it's time to make this website a better reflection of who I've become during 2013.

Today I've started freshening it up, including featuring some of the projects I've got in the pipeline. They might not materialise for a while, but I think it's important to at least show what I'm working towards.

Time Takes Time, You Know

The biggest obstacle to being a 'part-time creative' - to balancing creative projects with a a regular day job - is using time wisely. I can't write hundreds and hundreds of words each day, so ebooks take time to produce. Blogging takes time too - a long post can take a week to write, which means a week doing nothing on the next book - so I need to reassess.

I want to blog more often, but with shorter posts and more photographs. Little tidbits to keep things interesting while the longer pieces of work take shape. That's the plan, at least!

Things Are Getting Hairy...

My other plan for November is to change my own appearance! Along with a few work colleagues, I'm taking part in Movember for the first time. My top lip doesn't have much to show for its first four days of hair-sprouting, but there's still the best part of four weeks to go and - like writing! - these things take time.

I didn't raise funds for my recent efforts scampering between Newcastle and South Shields, because completing the Great North Run was a very personal achievement. Growing a mo, however, is a fun thing to join in with to raise awareness of men's health, and I'd be really grateful if you felt willing to support my 'tache-growing efforts.

Paul's donation page

Paul's team's profile page

The new look for the website will hopefully last well beyond the end of November; I very much doubt whatever excuse for a moustache I cultivate will do the same! I like to think, however, that I'm doing both for the right reasons.

To everyone who reads this, and particularly to anyone who donates a few quid: thanks for your support.

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