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Monday, 7 January 2013

New Year, New View

In the last couple of weeks, as ideas have begat confidence and confidence has begat a degree of unfortunate over-confidence, so old habits have easily been restored.

Talking rather than doing.

If it isn’t an inferiority complex and a lot of talking about what it would be nice to do, it’s an unwarranted sense of accomplishment and a lot of talking about what it is good to be doing. In both cases, the crucial elements are a lack of anything actually being done, and too much talking.

Take, as an example, me convincing myself I needed a new website. This humble Blogger-hosted weblog couldn’t possibly meet my needs, couldn’t possibly contain all the ideas that were threatening to pour from my over-active brain. I was going to make a new home for my work, and prolific output would follow.

Except … I couldn’t work out how I wanted it to look. Couldn’t work out what structure it should have. Couldn’t work out whether it should be a minimalist writing exhibition or a full-blown social networking party. I was going to learn HTML and CSS so I could have complete control over an appearance I couldn’t decide upon.

So rather than talking and thinking and thinking and talking, I’ve decided to do. Decided to write, based on all the lessons I’ve been learning. Create the material I’ve haphazardly mapped out, then work out what form it should take. There’s no use planning if you can’t decide how to put the plan into action. I’m not convinced a blog is the ultimate long-term outlet for my work, so why spend time and money on a new one?

For that reason, I’m sticking with Blogger for now – updating and face-lifting my existing corner of the internet to better reflect what I want to achieve in 2013 and beyond. It might not be the most professional option, but it gives me a convenient means to test out some of the design ideas I’ve considered: the purple theme, a few illustrative images, less clutter.

More importantly, it gives me the time to concentrate on writing – on doing, and talking about things only when they’re done. I hope you like it.

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