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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Education, Education, Education

A couple of lessons I’m learning as a customer, which carry greater meaning for me as a writer:

1.      Saying ‘coming soon’ too often gets tiresome.
Either set a date in stone, or say nothing until such time as you can.

2.      Typos and incorrect facts are REALLY annoying.
Maybe I feel this one more than most because a mild OCD exerts its influence on my life more heavily than it should. Nevertheless, imperfection becomes irritating, so I try to be meticulous about spelling in my own work.
Of course, where facts are concerned, an incorrect one is only spottable if you know better than what is written. There will always be someone who knows better, however. Someone who genuinely knows better, as opposed to someone being argumentative for the sake of it.
I know there have been occasions where I’ve written a statement based on being 75% sure (at best) that it’s correct. Now the realisation has struck that I need to be more meticulous, rather than making vague pronouncements that decrease the probability of being taken seriously.

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