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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sunday Supplement

Continuing the theme of the most recent Fruitless post – about applying for and filming a quiz show – it seemed only right to share the scary, exciting but fun stories of a few fellow bloggers.

If you enjoy either of the following tales about the pursuit of creative ambitions, I would encourage you to explore their blogs further.

The first is Ali George’s recounting of her attempt to write a novel in a weekend:

The second is Emily Dodd’s account from New York about attending the Kidscreen conference, where she pitched ideas for children’s television:

Finally, I wanted to share this post (shared by Thom Chambers on his excellent Twitter account) from the blog of a website called The School Of Life. I’m not sure if I can be classed as ‘highly creative’ – though, who knows, maybe I can – but what it had to say chimed with me. It’s as close a thing as I’ve yet come across that satisfactorily explains what it means to be creative.

Happy reading! And please share any or all of the above if the mood takes you, because we all deserve a few scares, some excitement, and lots of fun in our lives.

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