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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Best And Worst

Following a previous post about it, last night I finally got the chance to watch Scott Pilgrim vs The World. It was reassuringly entertaining, beautifully shot, and consistently funny - every bit as good as hoped, in other words. Trying to put across exactly what the film achieves - the way it fuses cinema and video games without compromising one over the other, for example - is difficult. Of course its appeal is skewed more towards gamers; that is no surprise. But while it may not be a heart-rending drama designed to appeal to the voters of the Academy Awards, that doesn't mean non-gamers shouldn't give it a chance.

They really shouldn't, because it's brilliant. Did I mention that it's funny too?

It also has one of the most delightfully unexpected lines I've heard in a film. Shortly after breaking up with a girl, Scott attends his next band practice. Far from being emotionally beaten, he looks at his fellow band members, smiles, and says gleefully: "I learnt the bass line from Final Fantasy II."

Yeah, it's nerdy. Do I look like I care?

* * * * * * * *

This post is entitled 'Best and Worst'. You've just read the 'Best' bit. What follows is not connected to it - the concept is entirely fabricated as an excuse to share something that wouldn't have a place normally. It does, however, serve as something of an unintended contrast.

A few weeks ago, while out shopping for a birthday card for my better half, I happened upon possibly the most inappropriate greetings card I have ever seen. It was a birthday card for a man to buy for his girlfriend. On the front it said:

"A girlfriend is a sister you choose."

Go on. Spend a few minutes of your day thinking about just how WRONG that is.

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