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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Chap-hop Tuesday

Today’s post is due almost entirely to my brother – 

– who recently introduced me to the musical style known as ‘chap-hop’. It is no surprise to learn that my appreciation of hip-hop (and variations upon it) is limited, though that’s not to say these waxy ears can’t enjoy a few rappers every once in a while. Still though, I’d much rather listen to Ben Folds’ version of Bitches Ain’t Shit that Dr. Dre’s original.

Which is why I recommend watching the videos by the following two gentlemen. They might need a couple of viewings, if only because the content can be quite bewildering at first. Once you ‘get’ the concept, however, there is a considerable amount of enjoyment to be had:

“I don’t like your tweed, Sir!”

While we’re on the subject of videos, there isn’t really a category I can think would suit this one so might as well include it here:

Finally for today, a comic:

Thank you, Ishisoft.

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