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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Crispy Duck Won Ton (POEM)

Following the disappointing ‘Aloo Gobhi Affair’ on Thursday evening, my better half and I went out for a meal on Friday in an effort to remember what proper cooking tastes like. We both had Crispy Duck Won Ton to start, and I couldn’t resist playing around with the words a bit. The following hasn’t gone through extensive revision or re-writing (indeed, there are probably many more similar sounding words I could have played with), but as an exercise in trying out something a little different, I think it works reasonably well.

Poetry competition update – the entry was sent off yesterday, so it’s just a case of waiting until June now to see if anything comes of it. I’ll post the finished poem at the start of the coming week.

Crispy Duck Won Ton

What weighs more?
One ton of feathers
Or one ton of crispy duck won ton?
One hopes one would not say
That one ton of won ton weighs
More than one ton of feathers,
But a wanton disregard
For the laws of physics
May result in such an outcome.

What, then, are your thoughts
On Chinese food?
What does one want or not want?
One does not want wan ton,
Though the wan ton
Does not want for flavour.
Wanting won ton in winter
Can ease the wait for spring (rolls),
But may well be disappointing to some.


  1. "(rolls)" was a bit cringeworthy but raised a laugh for that reason.

  2. I wasn't even planning the "(rolls)" thing, it just happened! The power of raw creativity.