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Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Fiftieth Blog Post Fifty-Blog-Posts Round-Up

And so ‘The Repository … 2’ reaches its half-century, raises its bat to the pavilion, and looks forward to remaining at the crease a little while longer, hoping to set in against a sustained spell of intense bowling pressure (yes, yes, I know the metaphor falls down spectacularly at that point, but perhaps best if we don’t make too much fuss about it).

For any new readers (the stats suggest people all over the world are reading this little website! Given how the internet works, the site address is probably just going through some servers or automated searches, but it’s still nice to think someone in Vietnam has found something of interest here), or those who’ve been here from the start and missed a few, I’ve tried to summarise the first 49 posts under various headings so you can read anything you might feel your soul will be hollow without.

Enjoy! And feel free to say hello in a comment (in whatever language you like).


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