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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Discerning Commuter (POEM)

The Route Of Choice For The Discerning Commuter

Pity the indignant dog
Patrolling a dusty concrete farmyard,
Stopping its yapping and fleeing the roadside,
As he makes his way past to beat the morning crush;
On the route of choice for the discerning commuter.

Bask in the contented dawn,
Habitat of the gregarious sheep,
Wince as it’s shattered and see the sheep scatter –
He makes his way past, giving the pedal more push;
On the route of choice for the ambitious commuter.

How brave, the unflinching horse!
Minding its business as the morning wakes,
The silver Audi zips by, inches away –
‘Paintwork meet hedgerow’, giving it a hefty brush;
On the route of choice for the impatient commuter.

Lying prone on the tarmac,
A darker side to the sunny morning:
A poor lifeless rabbit (somebody’s victim)
Barely glanced on his way past – too much of a rush;
On the route of choice for the over-stretched commuter.

No other cars, lanes are hushed,
Everyone else still home, starting the day.
Like his darling wife, unknowing of his strife…
He races along, thinking of what he keeps shush;
On the route of choice for the discerning commuter
Soon to be made redundant.

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