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Friday, 1 April 2011

Hake (POEM)

Thursday’s poem turned out to be an unintentionally serious effort – an idea that stemmed from trying to be flippant about roadkill veered dangerously close to becoming something approaching a ‘social commentary’ (if I may be so bold). If it turns out I could write serious poems then I suppose that’s good, but I much prefer irreverent nonsense like this:


If you should ever awake
From your slumber one morn
And find you’re lying next to a hake,
Then pause a moment: let the day dawn,
Take stock, and for goodness sake
Don’t say we didn’t try and warn
You. But please do try and make
An effort, just don’t fawn,
Or it’ll follow its instinct and take
Every advantage it can. It’ll yawn
And say, “I’m so tired. Get me something to slake
This awful thirst; I’ll take it on the lawn.”
“That ain’t grass,” you’ll reply, “It’s fake;
I put Astroturf down when the ground failed to grow corn.”
“Don’t care!” the fish will say, “Now carry me out on a rake.”
You’ll wonder what you did since you were born
To deserve this; after all, a fish can’t have its cake
And eat it, surely? Well yes, it can, or
It wouldn’t ask about lunch too, and want a tasty salmon bake.

So the lesson here is clear:
Should you ever awake
Lying next to a hake,
Find some time, and make
The effort to go and take
It back to the sea. Or a lake,
For the purposes of the rhyme.

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