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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

From Humble Beginnings

It has occurred to me in recent days that, fun as it is writing and posting the poems I've been coming up with, there has been precious little writing on the subject of my actual journey into poetry itself. I mean, I actually read a book of poems the other week, and completely failed to offer any insight into how it had altered my perspective on this poetic journey I am attempting. Of course, to be a poet requires the creation of actual poems, so a lack of anything else is perhaps understandable. However, this journey will be equally mysterious to you, the reader, so I must make more effort to communicate it to you.

A review/appraisal of the book can wait until the end of the week, however, because the purpose of today's entry is to post a guest poem. The reason for this might be considered something of a vanity exercise, but it has come about as a direct result of my recent adventures in the poetic form, and so the very fact that I have inspired someone to write a poem of their own is surely a sign of some progress! Contributor to the comments of this blog (and very good friend of mine) Martin, has produced the following:

Chocolate Digestives

Surface of the
Canal: rippled as the top
Of a Chocolate Digestive.
I wish there were some
in my cupboard

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  1. The Bourbon Biscuit
    Resistant to dissolving
    Unlike those Rich Tea